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Day 1

Tom Antion

A Three-Prong Attack on a Seven-Figure Income

Tom reveals the simple method he created 27 years ago that still works today on how to start and run an online business.

Derek Doepker

Secrets to Connect with Top Influencers and Have Them Promote Your for Free

Derek tells how he he builds relationships with people of authority and how he "gives first" before he gets.

Tom Antion

How to Make Your Hobbies and Family Interests Profitable and Tax Deductible

Tennis, golf, camping, quilting and any hobby you can think of can easily allow you and your family to enjoy them without guilt because you're making money instead of spending money.

Marcy Pusey

Ethically Use Artificial Intelligence In All Your Writing

Marcy and Tom discuss using Artificial Intelligence (AI) safely and to your advantage. You don't want copyright infringement lawsuits and you definitely don't want to look stupid by using AI blindly.

Kris Safarova

High Productivity Rules I Wish I Had Known 20 Years Ago

In this session, Kris bombards you with simple to implement tips, techniques, and mind tricks to massively increase your productivity. Use even a small portion of these ideas and you'll get way more done and have way more time for the things and people you love.

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Day 2

Tom Antion

Online Side Gigs to Grab Immediate Cash Flow

Tom give you a ton of ideas of how you can immediately make money be doing side gigs right from your computer. People are even doing dog training with Facetime or Webcams.

Paula Judith Johnson

How to Make a Fortune with Summits and Build Your Email List Too

Paula shows us actual numbers of how she dramatically increased her email list and made a ton of money in her first two summits. Tons of do's and don'ts in this session.

Tom Antion

Joint Venturing: How to Be in Front of a Million Warm Prospects in the Next 90 Days

Tom will tell you the exact things to do and say to get the most powerful people in your industry to promote you.

Tom Antion

Email Marketing 2024 Update

In this session, Tom adds to his email marketing masterclass to update you on new changes announced for 2024. You must comply with these changes or your delivery rates will tank.

Paul Brodie

Creating a Book to Build Your Business and Brand

Paul brings to light all the great benefits of bitting the bullet and getting a book out and making it a best seller. Paul has helped clients do it over 130 times. He also reveals a SUPER RESOURCE for getting legitimate reviews.

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Day 3

Tom Antion

How To Create a $50,000.00 Promotional Video about You and Your Company for Pennies on the Dollar

Unless you've seen Tom in person, this session has never been seen online before. Tom reveals Hollywood-level tricks, tips, and techniques to make a video that wipes your competitors off the map.

Debbie Drum

The Real Truth about Making Money with (AI) Artificial Intelligence

Debbie talks about methods to make money with AI without playing the "Get Rich Quick" game that so many people get ripped off by. She's been using AI legitimately to make money every day for over a year.

Tom Antion

The Ebook Masterclass

The fantastic Derek Doepker moderates as Tom Antion delivers his famous ebook masterclass. Tom reveals his methods to create high-quality, massive-profit ebooks lightning fast.

Ray Brehm

The Authority Hub: How to Make All Your Leads HOT Leads

Ray is a master at building massive credibility, authority, and email subscribers for free. Also, he went from a 1 or 2 out of 10 on the authority scale to a 7 or 8 in a matter of six months and you can do it too.

Monique Danielle

How to Self-Format a Professional Quality Book to Lower Publishing Costs and Keep More Profit

In this session, Monique Danielle showcases an inexpensive software that allows you to make professional-level formatting on as many books as you want. I paid $4.00 a page just to get a service that wasn't even as good. Make sure you check this out.

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Day 4

Tom Antion

How to Maximize the Value of Any Speaking Engagement

This session has speaking industry insider information you couldn't possibly get unless you were already a Million Dollar Speaker.

Tom Antion

Don't Waste Your Money on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You will learn everything you need to know about having a chance to get high rankings in this session. Tom does NOT want you blowing money on Search Engine ripoff "Experts" who will waste six months to a year of your time and tons of money.

Tom Antion

How to Run a Retreat Center Out of Your Home for Fun and BIG Profit

This is another session you couldn't possibly find anywhere else. This session will tell you how using your home as part, or all of a running retreats can allow you to have a bigger home than you could normally afford and build equity in that home with your students helping to pay the bills.

Tom Antion

How to Create and Online Income Generator in 1-Hour or Less

Tom reveals a simple and easy to implement method to create passive and ongoing income. With ZERO customer service hassles.

Tom Antion

12 Ways To Make Money Online WITH NO WEBSITE

You can tiptoe into the online world with virtually ZERO investment in websites, hosting and shopping carts.

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Day 5

Tom Antion

How to Be a GREAT Podcast Guest, Start Your Own Podcast and Get Invited to the Whitehouse

After hosting 860 episodes of "Screw the Commute" podcast and being interviewed in the media over 1000 times, Tom knows what it takes to WOW with Podcast and Radio Interviews. You won't believe some of the cool marketing you can do with Podcasts both from the guest perspective and from hosting your own show.

Tom Antion

How to Give Your Loved Ones a Great Career They'll Love, in as Little as 6-Months with Little to No Student Debt.

This is a brief intro video leading you to a full webinar showing you how you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars on higher education for you or your loved ones that's actually in demand in the marketplace.

Jeff Herring

21 Income Streams from One Blog Post or Article

You will see a live demonstration of repurposing one piece of content into 21 saleable pieces of content.

Tom Antion

Copywriting 901: The Fast Track to Writing Words That Sell

Tom will give you an intro to copywriting and then he'll give you five critical copywriting techniques you can implement immediately.

Tom Antion

Antion Success Method: How to Become a Millionaire

You will get exact techniques on the method Tom has used to make himself financially independent. This is a good program for your loved ones to watch.

Tom Antion

How to Convert Prospects with Applications and Free Strategy Sessions

In this session you'll learn how to pre-qualify prospects and give them personal attention and close them with an application process.

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